As the first device by Vapouresso that could generate power which is capable of more than 200 watts, there was a suitable amount of hype for this device by the community, and fans of the brand are especially excited to see how this model stacks up in the big leagues. As it’s available in our range now, we’re going to review it for you, so you can see exactly how good this model has managed to be.

The kit itself – the specifications

Straight away, this model looks to be very impressive and has a respectable set of statistics to offer users. Being comprised of a relatively lightweight aluminium alloy, the Revenger is a good fit for the hand and not a heavy one either. As many people will also be aware, it is capable of 220 watts of power, which marks the first model designed by Vapouresso that crosses the 200-watt threshold. There’s a good firm feel in hand, and you can’t hear the trademark button rattle which has plagued many devices from many different designers over the years. There’s a 0.96 inch OLED display for users to interact with the instrument and a set of clear buttons which allow for navigation of the various functions the device has to offer.

So how well does it perform?

While the look and feel of the device are notable things for people to concentrate on, we’re all wondering exactly how well it performs, and whether or not it can stack up against the bigger players in the vaping industry. One of the highlights of this particular vaping device is a very rapid setup time, with almost no wait between pressing the fire button and the vapour being available to inhale. All in all, it delivers a satisfying vaping experience, with the design of the device helping to prevent burnt hits and spit back via the use of a filter, which doesn’t compromise on airflow and performance as badly as other models do. There’s absolutely no concern with leaking either, as the model is well built to prevent such a problem from becoming a reality. With the powerful GT8 coils you can vape at higher temperatures without an issue, so there’s plenty of time to experiment with the levels of heat and find the optimum setting for your vaping experience.

Overall, the Revenger is a highly commendable vaping kit and an excellent first entry into the 200watts and higher club from Vapouresso. It’s a good contender for the first attempt and is well worth looking into if you haven’t already. The design of the device is superb, and there’s a real feeling of satisfaction when you vape. With the filters protecting you from spit back and burnt hits, you’re free to experiment with higher temperatures until you find what works for you. As we said, this is one of the newest kits into our selection, and we offer much more in the way of vaping devices besides this one, so there’s bound to be something in our range for everyone to enjoy.