What is a e-Cigarette/Vape Device – e-Cigarette or vape device is a Electronic device powered Stop Smoking Start Vapingby a battery, fitted with a atomiser (burner), and a small cartridge (contains e liquid). A modern alternative to tobacco cigarettes, without the huge expense and life threatening health issues caused by tobacco cigarettes and the smoke, CANCER, LUNG DISEASE, STROKE, HEART ATTACK,  to name just a few. In our opinion we consider the e cigarette a deterrent from smoking, an economic, healthier modern alternative. With a tobacco cigarette you ‘smoke’ with a e cigarette you ‘vape’ so instead of ‘smoking’ its ‘vaping’. E Cigarettes are available as disposable or rechargeable, the rechargeable being the more popular and effective E Cigarette, disposables are use once whilst rechargeable can be used as long as you want, all the parts can be replaced and renewed  and E liquid refilled continuously. Used in the same manner as a ‘tobacco cigarette’ e cigarettes are now available in various styles, shapes and sizes, they can be modified to individual preference and increased performance, so dont be put off if you have tried a cheap disposable and thought it was a waste of time, gave in and went back to tobacco cigarettes, try one of our starter kits and never look back, so many have done it and still doing it, the feeling of exclusion from the smokers community can only be described as liberating.

For more technical and detailed information please go to ‘E Cigarette facts’ page.

What is e liquid – What is E-liquid & What Does It Contain

There are 3 components to e liquid and nic salts, nicotine, flavouring, which are either naturally or artificially derived but always of food grade, and the base PG/VG (known as dilutant)

Dilutants in our range of liquids are 50/50 PG/VG or 70/30 VG/PG

PG = Proplyne Gylcol – VG = Vegetable Glycerine.

What are PG & VG?

Propylene glycol is a clear, colourless and viscous liquid commonly used in the food and pharmacological industries. It has a slightly sweet taste. Propylene glycol does not cause sensitization and it shows no evidence of being a carcinogen (it doesn’t cause cancer) or of being genotoxic (it doesn’t affect your DNA).

Vegetable glycerin, also known as vegetable glycerol, in a similar way to PG in that it is common in the food and pharmacological industries. It is a carbohydrate derived from plant oils. It is used as a sweetener and as an ingredient in a number of cosmetic products. Vegetable glycerine is also used in place of alcohol to extract botanicals.

Wikipedia has more details about these glycerols.

The liquid is stored/filled into the cartridge, then when the e cigarette is activated either by puffing or by pressing a button, the atomiser/coil burns the e liquid, so when you take a puff on the cartridge the vapour channels through a small air flow built into the cartridge and you inhale the vapour.

For more technical and detailed information please go to ‘E Liquid facts’ page.

Is vaping harmful – without going into boring detail, the simple FACTS are: Save £1000’s each year, Healthier/cleaner life, reduce chances of lung disease, cancer, heart disease, gum disease and so on, no proven or clinical facts about any harm caused by vaping, Only the nicotine in E Liquid affects the human body but in the same way as caffeine does in coffee (as a stimulant). No bad odours, stained teeth, discoloured home interior…… so to conclude, if drinking coffee is harmful then so is vaping e liquid, however we think you will agree vaping can’t cause the damage tobacco cigarettes do, a simple true fact.