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Fully aware of the inferior products now available on today’s market, we are constantly working hard to ensure our products remain the ‘finest’ available, by stocking all major high quality brands, we invest to keep our pride and the consumer their safety, we strongly believe in what we do therefore will not let the ‘counterfeit’ market dictate price for safety.

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When electronic cigarettes/vapes first came onto the market, buying e-liquid was somewhat of a mystery, people were unsure of what it contained and therefore sceptical, especially as almost all vape products originated from China, many people were concerned, Could we be sure of the quality of the fluid, were the levels of nicotine100% accurate, and the packaging was sometimes confusing.

Since formation, Infinite Vapour aimed to take a responsible position in finding and controlling the source of our vapes and e-liquids to ensure it was of the finest quality and safe. We did a lot of trialing, contacted many different manufacturers, until we were happy we had found a company that could match our specific requirements.

Although today’s vape industry has gone through major changes and evolved, we have also evolved. Most vape juices are now manufactured here in the UK, whilst the vape devices are still imported from China, disposables vapes flooded the market and on their way out, cloud chasing has gone and pod kits are in. Whatever the changes, we have continued to keep up with the pace of this ever changing, ever growing industry and continue to source and offer the latest and finest quality vaping products to all our customers.