Your vaping device is a perfect harmony of different electronic parts, and they all work in tandem to give you the vaping experience you enjoy so much. Therefore, when the device fails to perform at the standard you are accustomed to, it can often be confusing and hard to explain. To aid you with diagnosing your problems, we’re taking a look at some of the causes behind a burnt taste, and how you can prevent it.

An Overused And Old Coil

There are a variety of different reasons why your electronic cigarette can taste like it is burnt. One reason is that your coil head is old and overused. Coils can wear out over time, and this can lead to them either becoming overheated or just plain old, and this can contribute to a certain burnt taste in the mouth which is neither appealing nor desired. Replacing your coil is the fastest and easiest way to clear up the burnt problem, and is an advised course of action on a regular basis in any instance, as it will keep your vaping experience as satisfying as possible.

Too High A Wattage Level

Another reason that you could be experiencing a burnt taste when you vape is that the wattage on your device is too high. If you’re expending too much wattage in your e-cigarette, then you’re going to burn out your coil quicker than if you’re using a lower setting. You should try and experiment to find the optimum combination of settings so that the wattage is at a lower level, but you’re still experiencing the vaping experience you’re looking for. If you can’t find the right e-cig sensation with your current model, then perhaps it is time to find a more powerful device to use.

A Thick E-Liquid

In some instances, the device you use is not actually to blame. Sometimes the e-liquid itself is the culprit behind your burnt taste. The higher concentration of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) that is in your e-liquid, the thicker the e-liquid is. This means that some of the smaller and less powerful vaping devices may not be able to handle your liquid of choice properly, and you may need to find a different e-juice to try. As well as this, those e-liquids which contain higher levels of sweeteners can be damaging to a coil and can degrade the performance faster than others. These kinds of e-liquids are usually darker in colour, so you’ll know if you’re using one.

Overall, these are the most common causes behind a burnt taste in e-liquid, and there are ways that you can prevent them. Replacing your coil, turning down your wattage and selecting e-liquids carefully is all part of keeping your e-cigarette in good condition and ensuring that your vaping experience is as satisfying as possible. If you’re looking for coils or e-liquids to replace your current ones, then Infinite Vapour has a wide selection of different types of parts and kits, as well as a variety of e-liquids, so you’ll have everything you need available to you.