The Future of Vapes – What Changes Can WE Make?

A lot has changed recently in the world of vaping. We’ve been granted a reprieve from the smoking and vaping ban – the upcoming General Election has put the new laws on the back burner. However, with all major parties committed to a crackdown on vapes, we’re far from safe.

Over the last few months, we’ve had time to think about things and a few ideas about what the industry can do internally to show compliance with changing attitudes and hopefully prevent the brunt of sanctions. Here are our top recommendations.

  1. A Change to Packaging

A big complaint about vapes is how bright and colourful the packaging is. Critics say that this design choice is what appeals to young people and encourages them to try vaping. Part of the planned changes is overhauling packaging and making it uninteresting, so why not beat the government to the punchline and do it ourselves?

If we willingly tone down packaging and sell vapes based on their unique qualities – qualities which enthusiasts will be aware of and children are unlikely to differentiate – then vaping becomes less attractive to young minds. Furthermore, we are seen to be compliant.

  1. A Vaping Watchdog

For this idea, we’ve looked at other big industries which have the potential to be misused by the public. Lots of things – gambling, policing, even sports – have internal ‘watchdogs’ who regulate, control and supervise the industry to ensure there isn’t a misuse of products or services within it.

We think there would be a lot more accountability and supervision within the industry if there were a vaping watchdog—a group or business that could legally impose sanctions on vendors and distributors committing crimes like selling to children or marketing incorrectly. It’s also worth considering that if this idea comes from within, the government would see that the industry is committed to helping people.

  1. More Public Outreach

Public opinion about vaping is at a low point between the new laws and a battery of news articles. We must fight back into the good books; public outreach will help improve our standing as an industry.

From brand ambassadors to experts endorsing the good vaping has done for people trying to quit smoking, there’s a lot we can do to improve our reputation. If public trust in vaping has been damaged, then fixing that needs to be a top priority to try and stave off the complete eradication of our industry.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, when it comes to the future of vaping, we need to be proactive in trying to improve things. The government we get after the election is almost irrelevant—there is a lot we can do to enhance our public image and regain trust.

By creating initiatives and policies to regulate the industry better, we show concerned parties that the vaping community is listening and working to change things. Inactivity will only damage our reputation further – we must be seen to be making improvements and fixing issues to ensure a better future for generations.