We all know that vaping is much better for you than smoking a regular cigarette is, but we’ve never heard of it curing a chronic condition, until now. Someone who was not a smoker, to begin with, but found her way into the vaping community has discovered that it has worked wonders for her, but is there any way that vaping can, in fact, help you overcome life-long problems?

So, what’s happened?

A paper has recently been published by the man who co-authored one of the most influential reports of all time about vaping, in which they said it was up to 95% safer than smoking. Peter Hajek’s latest paper now tells the incredible tale of a woman who found her way into the vaping community quite by accident and wound up overcoming a problem she’d been dealing with all her life, in the form of tonsillitis.

Now, what is most interesting about this particular woman is that she had never smoked before in her life, and instead was introduced to vaping by her partner without any previous history. However, she claims it has cured tonsillitis that she’s been battling since a child. She’s also claimed it has helped her need to be doing something with her hands and even brought her closer together with her partner, as they now vape together on a regular basis. The report says that the woman has been ‘vaping for eight months and her tonsillitis has not recurred, and her tonsilloliths have markedly improved’.

Is there any scientific backing to this story?

Now, of course, this all sounds very much like something which is too good to be true, but there is some evidence to suggest that vaping is helping her. Tonsillitis is caused by an inflammation of the tonsils, which causes significant distress to someone and may force them to have their tonsils removed. However, nicotine absorbed in small doses does have anti-inflammatory properties, which is most likely what is causing this sudden lack of problems.

This is good for the community, yes?

As a story, this is hugely encouraging for the community. It shows that not everyone who vapes has come from the smoking community, which is pleasing in the sense of creating a broad group of vapers. As well as this, it also lends credibility to the ongoing argument that vaping is right for you and can help the body. Vaping enthusiasts who have been trying to convince people that vaping is not harmful for years now have another case study to bring to the table.

Overall, this tale of a woman using vaping to cure a chronic condition is undoubtedly uplifting news. Obviously, it is good that she’s no longer struggling with a problematic situation, but it is also good that vaping is proving to be a valuable addition to the lives of people again and again. If you’re looking for vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour has a wide selection of different electronic cigarettes, kits and accessories available for you to choose from, having everything you need to get started with vaping.