Vaping Rises and Smoking Drops – Good News!

A recent study conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shows that the number of people smoking conventional cigarettes has fallen in the UK and the number of people vaping has risen accordingly.

 The latest figures suggest that the number of people smoking conventional cigarettes is the lowest number on record.

Positive Statistics

 The latest figures are definitely encouraging, as we’re going to show you.

 The latest data from ONS suggests that around 13.3% of all people who are aged 18 or older smoked normal cigarettes in 2021. This is down from 14% in 2020.

 Furthermore, the number of people in the same bracket who were using e-cigarettes rose to 7.7%, up from 6.4% in 2020.

 This is one of the most substantial drops in the number of people who smoked since records began in 2011, where 20.2% of the population were found to have smoked.

 The general consensus is that levels haven’t been this low in a long time, possibly ever, which is good news for the vaping community because it means that our role as a support for people who want to quit smoking is working, slowly. It’s a positive bit of news to hear.

Normal Cigarettes – On the Way Out?

 If there is one thing which we have been able to put together recently, it is that normal cigarettes are definitely starting to be on the way out, which is wonderful to see.

 We’ve been saying for years that normal cigarettes, loaded up with tar and carbon monoxide as they are, are no good for people, and it seems the message is finally getting through. We’re experiencing a major shift in the way that people are doing things now, which is nice to see.

 Vaping has existed for a long time as the healthier, safer alternative, and we are glad to see that people are starting to keep that in mind when they make decisions about their health. It’s not the easiest thing to do, taking charge of your health, but switching to vaping is a good start.

 With various government initiatives all calling for change within the next decade, we could well see that there will be a sharp decrease in the number of people smoking for years to come until the end of the conventional cigarette as we know it.

Final Thoughts

 So, when it comes to conventional cigarettes, it is nice to see that they are slowly starting to fade out of popularity and that we are moving into a period where they’re not as popular. Hopefully, the e-cig will dominate the market soon enough.

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