Should Vaping Be Restricted Like Cigarettes?

As vaping becomes more mainstream and permanent, a lot of questions are being raised about where it fits into modern society and the way it should be regulated and restricted. We’ve often had a viewpoint on this because we believe that when it comes to vaping, sanctions and restrictions can be helpful long-term if we commit to changing our ways.

 Recently, much debate has come up surrounding restricting vaping in the same way as regular cigarettes. It’s an ambitious idea, but we also think it could be good for the community at large. Let’s take a good look at it.

Modern Vaping Restrictions

 So, what would modern restrictions for vaping look like?

 First, we’d see many public displays taken away from shops. Regular cigarettes are locked away behind the checkout desk or a special counter in supermarkets. This measure is meant to stop kids from noticing they exist.

 We think this is a good idea. When it comes to vaping, it’s one of those industries which could easily be improved with some more stringent regulations.

Restrictions – Good For All?

 Ultimately, we do believe that when it comes to vaping, some sanctions wouldn’t be a bad idea. We acknowledge an issue with underage vaping, and we’ve been cheerfully accepting that restrictions and limits could help a lot when sorting out the problem.

 If you take vaping products off public shelves and put them with cigarettes, then many underage smokers will lose their access to these products outright. Furthermore, many will forget vaping exists after a while – when you have brightly coloured, flavoured products on public display, you are tempting fate.

A Better Future

 As a vaping community, most of us acknowledge that if we survive in the next few years, changes will need to be made.

 These changes are essential because they represent a shift in how we view vaping. If we take our place in the world as the replacement for cigarettes, we need to develop rules and regulations to act like it.

 We must cooperate with governments and policymakers to guarantee that we sell products suitable for their target audience. If the way we curb the teenage vaping crisis is to be taken off public displays and lock vaping back behind service desks and the like, then that’s what we need to do.

Final Thoughts

 Ultimately, the vaping world may need substantial changes to thrive, but that’s part of life. We’re going to eclipse regular cigarettes and replace them eventually, and that’s fine, but the way we do this is to try and implement new rules. Making these changes is no bad thing, but at the end of the day, it will be up to us to pick and choose what we do and how we do it.

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