Welcome to 2023, New Vapers!

Well, we’re finally here. We hope you’ve all had a good Christmas, but now it’s time for a brand new year of vaping.  

Whether you’re one of our returning crowd or a brand-new vape user who picked up a device over Christmas, we welcome you. We’re always happy to see new vape lovers join the community, so we thought we would kick off 2023 by talking about what you all need to know going forward. Let’s start this year correctly.

The Basics

So, first and foremost, let’s discuss vaping as a culture for our newcomers.  

Vaping is pretty fab if we do say so ourselves. It’s one of those things which we recommend for anyone, regardless of who they are. As the healthier alternative to smoking, we’ve been pushing vaping as a safe way to smoke.

 At the moment, we also enjoy a good standing with the NHS, which recommends vaping as a good cessation tool for regular cigarettes. Considering that these types of cigarettes are loaded with tar and carbon monoxide, we wholeheartedly endorse vapes.

Supplies, Public Etiquette and Discourse

 Next, we’re going to get into the logistics of vaping. First and foremost, you’ll need supplies, so you need to make sure you shop with a reputable provider. We can set you up with the right goods – more on that later.

 Public etiquette is vital for a new vaper. You’ve got a responsibility to ensure that you represent the community to the best of your ability – this can be harder than it looks. The essential points are being polite and not vaping indoors because it isn’t fair to everyone else.

 When you’re trying to talk to people about vaping, don’t get too wound up. We’ve all had a relative or friend who thinks vaping is a joke or a problem – they probably don’t know anything about the science behind vaping. That’s okay! You need to have a cool head and keep long debates to a minimum in public.

Enjoy the Health Benefits

 If you’ve switched to vaping from smoking, you’ve got a lot of health benefits heading your way. Vaping is a lot healthier than smoking, and it shows.

 Scientists believe that you can reverse the damage from smoking within a decade of quitting. Vaping doesn’t have any harmful chemicals you might usually find in smoking, which is good. If you want to make a positive change this year, vaping is the way to do it.

Final Thoughts

 In summary, we’re so excited to get started with 2023. We welcome all new vapers to the family and hope you stick around.

 Vaping can do a lot of good for people, and we love promoting it. However, something we want to say is that you need to get used to the press slamming vaping – it’s temporary and will pass as the industry evolves.

 If you’re looking for new vaping gear to start 2023 with, Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of kits, mods, devices, accessories, liquids and everything else you need. Look at what we’ve got available, and you’ll find a wealth of vaping supplies.