We have heard about many studies showing the merits of vaping over cigarette smoking and how the vape pens are actually helping smokers to quit.  So whilst this is just another study of a similar vein what we felt was interesting was the quantification of numbers involved.  This is based on an article in Vapour Magazine and quotes figures from Eurobarometer which is a survey carried out by the European Commission.

It is safe to say that a figure of over 6.1 million across Europe is pretty concrete evidence – remember this is not a figure of everyone using a vape, this relates specifically to those people that have actually cited switching to vaping as a means to smoking cessation.  The survey was carried out over 28 member states of the European Union, but even so when you consider the sheer volume of people, it is clear that vaping has become the best way to stop smoking.

We already know that vaping is a much safer alternative but the really good news is that the percentage of people using nicotine based products with their vape is also under 40%.  From this we can surmise that not only are people able to stop smoking with vape use but also no longer even feel the need to use nicotine and are instead switching to some of the massive range of awesome flavours on the market.  With no nicotine in their systems we should also be seeing a big drop in the amount of smoking related illness reported by the NHS in the UK and other medical organisations across Europe as a whole.

This survey is believed to be one of the most detailed and thorough ever carried out, and offers a wealth of information that will help vaping companies, medical organisation and other interested parties understand why people vape and how people vape, allowing the industry to evolve to meet the consumer demands.  We will continue to stock a wide range from some of our leading manufacturers like Kangertech and Joyetech, and hope that other smokers might take up the vape habit this new year to help them quit smoking.