An interesting story appearing in Vaping Magazine this month about vaping at work.  We already know that in a lot of places vapers face as much negativity towards their choice as those who smoke.  However this article shows that once more Public Health England are finding in favour of those of us who choose to vape.

Because they acknowledge that it does not carry the same health threats as smoking they are seeking to make new guidelines for all employers regarding vaping breaks.  Currently companies could be in trouble for making those who use vape pens share the same space as the smokers – which is more common than you might think. Clearly if you have chosen to vape as a way of giving up smoking it is completely counterproductive to have to then stand in clouds of cigarette smoke with colleagues.

The guidelines aim to take this one step further and are set to recommend the space for vaping is actually inside the building not outside.  This further confirms that the risk to other peoples health from vape clouds is really considered not to be an issues. It is noted that if another member of staff might suffer health issues that could be aggravated by clouds care must be taken, but a separate room with a door set aside as a vape lounge would easily sort this.  Employers will be strongly encouraged to make provision within the facilities and to ensure that they do not penalise vaping. It is even recommended that vaping be given extra time as PHE would rather see people using vape pens than smoking cigarettes

What is the arrangement where you work?  Do you have an employer who is happy for you to vape or do you have to skulk outside as if you were doing something wrong?  Our offices are unsurprisingly vape friendly as we certainly have no issue with staff that vape, and even those that don’t have no problems with the arrangements.  Do you agree that more needs to be done?  Get in touch and tell us your views.