Several new studies recently have shown that young teens are no longer reaching for cigarettes to be cool.  Vaping is the new trend and increasingly they are choosing this rather than tobacco.  Now clearly whilst we do not support those under the legal age purchasing and using any vaping product, the concept is interesting from a future health point of view. One article has reporting these findings is shown here.

We already know that vaping has been shown to be better for the health than smoking with many NHS related organisations promoting e-cigarettes to adults wanting to quit.  Studies have already determined that this is more effective for quitting than gum or patches.  If less young people choose to become smokers but instead reach for vapes, are we then creating a generation that no longer has a reliance on nicotine.  If this is the case then the knock on effect could be a lessening of the costs that cripple the NHS from smoking related illnesses as people simply wont want to smoke.

How the tobacco industry will take this is yet to be seen, whether they come out fighting if they realise there will be a generation coming up that has very little interest in their products or not we don’t know.

It is possible that the vape clouds are one of the reasons young people feel that vaping is cooler than smoking, or it maybe that the health implications of smoking are finally being heard and understood.

Whatever the reasons we hope that young people will continue to make choices that are better for their heath.  The more adults that choose to vape over smoke will definitely help build this as a viable and preferable alternative.

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