This is an interesting question that crops up every now and then so we thought we would investing it, as we understand how important pets are.  Basically the answer is vape pens are safe but vape juice not so much.  Let’s dig a bit deeper.

The primary concern you should have with pets is your e-liquid.  Basically this is the part that is dangerous for your pets.  Because of the concentration of liquids they are deemed to be a poison to pets.  Sadly we have seen cases of dog death following ingesting liquids.   Remember pretty much all dogs and cats will scavenge even if the item they steal is bad for them.  The best thing to do is store them where they cannot be got at.  This means not leaving your liquids out on tables or worktops. Cats in particular love to climb and are not terribly fussy about what they knock over.  A bottle of juice knocked on the floor is just as dangerous as one stolen from a coffee table.  Whilst we do not want to cause alarm it is worth the added time to create and use a safe storage cupboard for your collection. Because of the effects on their smaller body systems it would be too late once they had swallowed it.

Vape pens however are a safer.  Unless the tank was to break the juice is now secured in the pen.  The other issue is of course vape clouds and people often query whether this will harm their pets.  The research we have been able to do suggests that the smoke carries a much lesser risk and is more inline with how we understand other non vaping people to deal with second hand clouds.  Basically is could be an irritant and cause your pet to cough or sneeze, but the actual risk to health is not a concern.  If they inhale smoke occasionally is likely safe, although we would suggest for their comfort that you do not subject any animal to constant clouds!  Ensure they can escape to another room if you are planning a big fog session!

We have found that most pet sites try and warn you off vaping with pets, such as the article from PetMD, however we think that ensuring they cannot come into contact with liquid and limiting their exposure to clouds, and of course exercising common sense is the best advice for vaping near pets.  All the products we sell also conform to EU safety directives, and that would be the only other concern.  However you can rest assured that your favourites such as Kangertech and Joyetech meet all regulations, and remember we can deliver for free!