It is not only us the general public that have embraced the vape life, many celebrities have also jumped on board and seem to really love a good vape, many having been snapped by the paparazzi, caught in the act.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Caught on film more than one, Leo seems to love his vape, even taking it with him to the SAG Award ceremony where it made a great addition to his dapper black tie outfit.  Apparently the Oscars had banned vaping in the award hall other wise we have no doubt he would have been vaping there too.

Johnny Depp

Ladies this one is for you, the ever popular Mr Depp has been seen using his vape pen on various occasions which suggests he is an e-cigarette lover. Despite hitting the headlines with another high profile divorce in 2016 he has never been snapped with cigarettes just his vape.  We can’t help wonder which is his favourite e-liquid!

Katy Perry

Pop diva Katy seems to enjoy a bit of cross over as she has been spotted using both her vapes and smoking cigarettes. Perhaps she is working towards cutting down the tobacco and has heard how good vaping is for those who want to quit.

Miley Cyrus

Wild child Miley just seems to love it all, she has been spotted vaping, smoking and even seen with a joint.  We suggest she widens her juice flavours choices and she might find that she becomes a total vaping convert!

Robert Pattinson

So apparently vampires vape too 😉  There have been a few sneaky pictures of Robert and his vape, and one rather curious video which showing him indulging in a bit of bad dad type dancing to a bit of Drake at Coachella whilst puffing on his vape.  If Robert can get away with that – well anyone can make vaping look good!

We would love to know what brands our celebs really love, maybe they too join us in our love of Kangertech and Joyetech!  Have you seen any celebs vaping? Let us know!