It seems that the NHS have been caught in a bit of a bind regarding their policies on vaping.  Not all NHS sites are having their knuckles rapped, but it seems that some are making a bit of a faux pas by banning vaping on many sites and facilities.

Over the last 6 months the NHS has been extolling the virtues of vaping.  The organisation as a whole has been happy to endorse e-cigarettes as a safer, healthier alternative to smoking.  So, it is no surprise that many NHS sites, from hospitals to other places of work, have banned smoking on their sites.  That makes a lot of sense as, especially on hospital grounds, patients and visitors are generally there to get well and remain healthy.

However they are now receiving rather a lot of stick for this strange ban on vaping.  If the NHS is confident that vaping is so much healthier than smoking, and we know that it is, why then are they preventing this harmless habit on their grounds.  It has to be said that this is rather nonsensical and it will be interesting to see what happens as the story develops.  The reports for their policy rethink are currently coming from Scotland, but we know that sites across England, Wales and Northern Ireland have similar bans in force.

Professor Bauld, of Stirling University, was quoted in one article from The Scotsman as saying: “By treating e-cigarettes like tobacco, and banning them in certain places, it gives a message to the public about them being as dangerous as smoking.  We have to agree that it would make more sense to promote vaping onsite, even if they choose to make this in designated areas, and uphold their zero tolerance of smoking across all sites that they manage and own.

Have you noticed what happens at your local hospital?  Do they allow smoking and vaping? Are both banned?  Let us know so we can build a better picture of vaping tolerance (or not) across the UK.

In the meantime we will be sticking with our favourites like Kangertech and Joyetech, whilst respecting any organisations rules on where we can and cannot vape, even if we do not agree!