Vaping is becoming one of the most popular ways to stop smoking, however a lot of smokers are still reluctant to give up, even though they know they are damaging their own health.  If you are sitting on the fence wavering, here are three facts about vaping that might help you make the jump to becoming a non-smoker.

1. You can save money

When people first look at vaping, many are put off by the initial outlay.  Ok, the cost of a quality startup kit is more than a packet of smokes, but too dismiss it as more expensive is actually a bit of a false economy.  Remember a packet of cigarettes only lasts as long as it takers you to smoke them, but a well maintained kit, and all the liquids you buy on start up will last months or years.

2. Vaping is considered less dangerous

We know from various sources, including Public Health England, that even professionals in the NHS are prepared to admit that vaping and e-cigarettes are a lot less dangerous to health than the effects of smoking traditional cigarettes.  There is no evidence that anyone has every died from vaping, but we all know about the many nasty diseases that smoking can cause.  It is considered just as safe to inhale someone else vape cloud, where as there are risks to health of inhaling second hand cigarette smoke.

3. The switch or quit debate

This is an area that causes a lot of controversy.  Some people believe that in order to declare yourself a non-smoker you should not vape either.  They suggest a vape is a way to help you cut down the cigarettes until you no longer smoke, and then stop with the vape as well.  We say this is an over debated pointless point!  With the very obvious health benefits to smoking cessation, does it really matter which way you do this?  If you vape forever and never smoke a cigarette again, or vape for a while and quit all products – what does it matter.  The net result is the same, the harmful effects of smoking have been removed.

We say take it one step at a time, get yourself set up with a vaping kit, and worry about whether you vape forever or leave it one day.  In the meantime we have a wide range of starter kits and accessories for you, whatever your plan!