The United Arab Emirates to End Vape Ban

Finally, we’re making progress! Vaping has often been knocked around and bashed abroad, and we’ve watched the international market fluctuate. However, we’re pleased to see that the UAE has made a change for the best. They’ve decided to lift the ban on vape product sales finally, and we’re going to be taking a look at what this will mean.

So, What’re The Happenings?

There’s been a massive change in attitudes in the UAE recently, and they’ve reversed course and changed how they look at vaping and the world around it.

As of right now, the ban on vaping products is no more, and people can freely sell them to whoever wants to buy them. The first products are expected to be available to customers from mid-April, and it’s proof that attitudes are changing. We want people to be able to enjoy a world where vaping is freely available, and so this news is naturally delightful.

Naturally, there will be regulation and control via standards, the likes of which we see here all the time in British and American vaping laws. This set of rules means that in essence, the vaping industry in UAE will run as ours does, and this means that it will all hopefully be available for longer. After all, we have a thriving vaping community here and in a lot of America, so it will be good to see people being able to access all of the vaping products which we know can help them to get the most from their daily lives.

Impacts – Global?

Of course, we always try and look at the bigger picture when it comes to vape news, and examine its impacts on the world at large to make sure that we’re moving forward in the right track.

Naturally, the effect this is going to have on the community is going to be overwhelmingly positive. We’re always going to be looking for new ways to try and make sure that there’s a positive rep associated with the community because it does need it sometimes. When we have to deal with a bad day or a ruined reputation, it can be challenging to try and get a sense of perspective. People start to find that their morale drops, and it becomes harder to support the community at its darkest moments. This perk and sudden show of positivity have been well received.

All in all, there’s a massive boost in positivity on a global scale now that we’ve got the ban lifted in the UAE. We’re so glad that people have made a choice to embrace vaping, and we’re keen to see how it’ll affect the world of vaping at large. Here at Infinite Vapour, we make sure always to provide you with a selection of different vaping options, so that you can choose from a whole diverse range of kits, mods and choices. We work to provide you with an ever-growing range, so please make sure to check for new updates.