Vaping in Other Countries – Respecting The Rules

We see a lot of instances where people go abroad with their vaping devices. Their love of their e-cigarette is so much so that even when they’re relaxing on a sunny beach halfway across the world, it’s got to be right there with them.

However, this isn’t always allowed. In a lot of countries, there are limitations to vaping and even bans. Following the recent story in Thailand about a tourist who was arrested for the use of their device, we’re going to be taking a look at vaping etiquette in other countries.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

When you’re going abroad, it can seem like a massive adventure, and you’re exceptionally excited to see some more of the world. However, you have to make sure that you’ve done all the research before your departure because otherwise, you can find yourself struggling to enjoy yourself while not breaking the law.

Because there are so many different rules and regulations, as well as moments when you can’t smoke your vape device inside the country at all, you need to research the facts. There’s a whole host of sites on the web, all of which can tell you what you need to know about the vaping laws in that land.

Respect For Laws

Right, it’s not massively difficult to be respectful. As evidence from many articles and stories will tell you, people who try and disrespect the laws and approved conduct in a country will find themselves in trouble time and time again.

Additionally, it doesn’t look good on the community as a whole when we get in trouble for not following the rules. People who take vaping devices where they shouldn’t are typically just ignorant, but some disregard the rules without any regard for the consequences, or indeed what it does to the reputation of the community at large.

We want vaping to be more accepted. It’s the end goal of advocates everywhere to make sure that this healthy and safe alternative to smoking is freely available, but that’s difficult when we’re always battling against arrests and examples being made of tourists. We have to band together and make sure that you research the laws, check the rules and follow them to the letter. It helps to generate a more positive view of the community and stops us from getting shamed in the press.

Overall, it’s easy to see why people can get into trouble when trying to navigate the vaping laws abroad, but they are things that we can circumvent and work past if we take the time. It’s important to remember that respect is an integral part of being a productive member of the community and that we’re never above the law. Education on how vaping laws across the world is vital for when you’re going to be travelling because it can be critical for your health and safety. When you’re within the borders of another country, you’re subject to all of their legal system, so you have to respect it, or you will be punished accordingly!