One of our latest products is the SMOK Stick Prince Kit, which we’re obviously super excited about. With a royal name like that, you might think it to be pretty good, right? We’re going to be taking a look at this product, giving it a review and seeing just how good it is.

The Design

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the design of the model, and how it looks fresh out of the box. The Prince is quite a heavy piece of kit, with 90g of weight adding to the pockets of your clothes. Obviously, it’s a little more streamlined than other models, like the pistol butt design of the SMOK Mag, as we’ve got a pen-like shape. The weight is obvious when you consider all of the features that have been put into this particular device. Obviously, you’ve got a firing button to use, but you’ve also got an LED, which among other things will let you know how much battery you’ve got left. This particular kit includes a rather handy bubble tank, which does increase the capacity of the device to 8 ml of e-liquids, making for a very lengthy vaping experience should you want it.

The Functionality

Of course, the design is all well and good, but people will be wondering if there’s any merit to using the device or not. The device works pretty well for what is a fairly basic vaping pen. You click it five times to turn on, and then the LED starts up and tells you what’s happening with your device. It will beep so many times at you whenever the battery is low, and it will also light up whenever you use the device, so it’s useful for letting you know how everything’s doing.

Regarding performance, it’s pretty good. It works well for a vaping device; it does take a few drags to get going, however. You just stick the liquid in and fire it up. The simplicity of it is, in all honesty, part of the appeal. Some vapers aren’t too pleased with the idea of buttons and dials to just get a hit from their device. Some do prefer a basic layout that gets you what you want without fuss, and we can say that this does work well. There’s nothing to modify and fiddle with, but you still get a pretty good hit all the same.

Overall, the Prince mod may well be royally sounding, but at least it isn’t a royal pain. It’s a pretty basic and straightforward vaping device, which is possibly why it’s so popular. There are no complex settings, you just load the cartridge in and enjoy yourself. We would recommend it for new vapers, or people who are disillusioned with the very complicated vaping devices which seem to be so common. Infinite Vapour has this within its selection for you, along with a whole host of other different kinds of kits, accessories and e-liquids, so please come and have a look around to see what’s best for you.