As many of you will know, America is seriously having issues with it’s vaping community. The future of vaping isn’t something which is all too stable. With various new bits of legislation and other such issues becoming more commonplace, vapers are worried that they’ll be out of luck for good. However, is there hope on the horizon in the form of the Cole-Bishop amendment?

So What Is The Cole-Bishop Amendment?

Somewhere in the mess of legislation and changes which are coming down on vaping, the Cole-Bishop amendments exist as a reminder that there is still hope for the industry. It was introduced by two men, Tom Cole and Sanford Bishop. The amendment is something which will allow the continued sales of vaping products already on the market, without being subject to the difficult and expensive process of applying to register tobacco-based products. The amendment has, thankfully, already gone through the House of Representatives, and is now on it’s way to the highest authorities to be discussed and debated.

Will It Help Vaping?

This amendment is something which will aid vaping and will be a crucial step in keeping the industry alive. The current problem is that vaping stores all across the USA will have to take the time to register their vaping products. This is a minefield of legalities, technicalities and also competition with other concerned parties. The process of registering is one which is very expensive but is also very time consuming and difficult to do. This means that a lot of vaping stores and smaller businesses will simply just not bother, having weighed up the costs and decided it isn’t worth their time any longer. However, this is exactly the kind of issue which will upset the vaping industry and put so many shops out of business.

How Does This Affect Vaping As A Whole?

The loss of vaping in America isn’t just going to affect people living in the area. As one of the biggest powers in the world, America can alter public opinions in a big way. If vaping is banned and stores close up, it’s going to damage the reputation of the vaping community and make it even more difficult for people to accept vaping as being a good thing. With China already having shut down vaping in their country, and Singapore also following suit, there’s a lot of places already which aren’t good for vaping.

Overall, the best hope for the vaping community right now is that the Cole-Bishop amendments do in fact go forward. We need the Americans to keep vaping in a good place to help with the public opinion, and we honestly do hope that a lot of vaping shops and stores don’t just go out of business and lose their livelihoods. If you’re looking for vaping supplies, however, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different kinds of vaping devices, accessories and e-liquids available, with enough in our range for you to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.