The internet is full of studies about vaping. People have talked at length about how good it is and the benefits it has. Whether it’s improving your long-term health, allowing people to quit smoking altogether, or just being a less obnoxious way to smoke, the good points of vaping are clear. However, poorly conducted surveys and half explained results can be damaging to the vaping community as a whole. So is there a problem with vaping?

Bad Science?

Now, we expect that some people will be scratching their heads as to what ‘bad science’ actually is. What we mean, of course, is studies which don’t provide much evidence. These are studies which have been poorly conducted, offer little in the way of data, and draw vague conclusions as a result. This isn’t the kind of research that helps anyone, but it hinders the vaping community quite a lot of the time.

What Issues Does This Create?

When studies just aren’t up to scratch, they can damage the reputation of the vaping community. The problem with studies like the ones we’ve described is that there’s no real evidence. When there’s no evidence, it’s hard to disprove one particular conclusion, or even cultivate your own opinion. This means that we’re dealing with a lot of scaremongering, and shock words designed to spook people who aren’t informed. For example, the Independent released an article which had a title of ‘New Study Warns That Vaping Leads To Cancer’. Obviously, cancer is a severe and dangerous illness to deal with, so it means that people focus in on that one word and disregard all of the studies and research which suggests the opposite.

We all know that vaping does not cause these kinds of issues, but the people who aren’t so well educated panic and try to damage the reputation of vaping even further. One bad article, if published in the right places, can be seriously damaging to the reputation of the community, and can undo months and even years of work which cultivated a good reputation. These kinds of studies aren’t published with facts and figures. They don’t have data to back up what they’re saying. This in contrast to a large number of studies supporting vaping that do have the data to back up their arguments. If you doubt it, just go and look online.

Overall, the problems which stem from poorly written studies are vast and can be seriously damaging to the vaping community. It’s bad enough trying to battle through public opinions as it is, but studies which flippantly link vaping with cancer and then don’t offer proper findings are making things even more difficult. It’s important that vaping supporters have a good set of data at their disposal, to avoid looking uneducated and also to debunk any rumours. Infinite Vapour stocks a large selection of different vaping tools for you to enjoy, however. We have kits, e-liquids, accessories, and everything that you could need to ensure that you have a satisfying vaping experience.