When you’re pregnant, everything changes. You start to grow another living being inside of you, and you’ve got to be careful not to put it in danger. However, for people who smoke, this can present a problem. If you have enjoyed smoking for many years up until the pregnancy, it may be difficult to stop smoking. However, some women have chosen to use vaping as a way to smoke and not put their baby at risk, even though people have questioned how safe vaping is. So the question on everyone’s minds is this. Is vaping something which can harm a baby while it’s in the womb?

Why Vape At All?

To understand if vaping is bad for the child, we need first to understand why people would choose to vape at all. Vaping is something which is nowhere near as bad for you as smoking is. Designed to be a substitution for smoking, vaping doesn’t contain the same kinds of harmful chemicals which we might see in normal cigarettes. This means that if you’re going to be vaping, you’ll be giving your lungs and the rest of the body a break from things like carbon monoxide and tar. This does give you a chance to recover from the damage inflicted and would allow the lungs to start regenerating their capacity.

So, Is Vaping Harmful To Pregnant Women?

This, of course, presents the question of whether or not vaping is harmful to women who are pregnant. The worry for a lot of people is that by vaping, you run the risk of injuring the health of the baby. However, there’s very little risk to the child if the mother does vape while pregnant. Vaping was designed to be the safer option. It was designed to be free of carbon monoxide and tar, which are both chemicals that are harmful to people if they happen to consume or absorb them. Carbon monoxide, in particular, has been known to cause stunted growth in the brains of developing children, which could result in problems when the child is born. It is for this reason that vaping is safer than smoking and isn’t going to damage the child. The chemicals inside of the vaping devices aren’t going to be an issue in the minute quantities that you’d be exposing a child to, and nicotine can be removed from the liquids to make sure that still growing children are not harmed by it and that they don’t develop an addiction to it.

Overall, vaping is something which is much safer for pregnant women than smoking, but that doesn’t mean that you should vape at a high intensity. It’s best to come off smoking entirely, but if you need to, then vaping is the best way to do it. Infinite Vapour has a wide selection of different vaping devices for you to choose from, with a range of e-liquids and accessories also available for your convenience.