With most commercially tradable products, there will always be laws and regulations involved, primarily to protect and safeguard the general public from being exposed to harmful products. For vaping, the rules are set to be updated and altered next month, in May of 2017. We’ve covered these new laws and regulations before, but with the rapidly approaching month of May, we thought we’d give you a refresher. However, what do these changes mean for you?

A representative of the Trading Standards Organisation has shed light on the new regulations and spoken about what changes are being made. The first regulation is that e-liquids are now prohibited from containing nicotine in strengths of more than 20mg per millilitre unless it’s a medicinal solution. Secondly, substances such as caffeine, taurine, and artificial colouring are also banned. All three fall into the category of additives and can be detrimental to health if they’re consumed in too high quantity.

As well as this, the new laws require all e-liquids to be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before they can be sold. As an additional safety feature, all packaging for e-liquids must be designed in such a way that they are inaccessible to the hands of children and it is evident that the product has been tampered with prior to sales. Refillable tanks are now limited to containing quantities of no more than 2ml, and e-liquids themselves can not be sold in sizes greater than 10ml. As well as this, stricter and more comprehensive labelling requirements are being imposed as a general regulation.

The new regulations will be enforced from next month, so it’s important to ensure you’re ready for them. Many distributors will be overhauling their product lines to match these new laws, so purchasing anything that doesn’t match these regulations is to be advised against. Infinite Vapour has updated all their products to match the new rules and have been up to date for some time, meaning you can purchase all your e-liquids and e-cigarettes without worry for these new regulations, with styles and e-liquid flavours to suit any preference or taste.