• Electronic Cigarettes, known to some as “vaping” is a trend that is rapidly rising in popularity, with many considering the e-cigarettes to be a safer, healthier alternative to regular smoking. However, the precise method to vaping properly isn’t always apparent to everyone, so how do you smoke your vape pen the correct way? We’ve provided an introduction to the vaping world, with information on all the tools you’ll need.

    In order to vape properly, an understanding of the parts of your electronic cigarette is vital, and we’re going to start by looking at the battery. Batteries are a vital aspect of any electronic cigarette and come in many different formats and degrees of power. There are new terms to learn, such as the “voltage” being how much power you’re actually using, to the mAh, which are the milliamp hours. These dictate the amount of time your battery can sustain itself for without the need for a charger. In order to use most batteries, all you will need to do is hold down the button on the vaping pen to use it. Safety is a primary concern with the battery, as incorrect usage can result in possible accidents and injury, so always read the instructions.

    The next important part of your e-cigarette is the tank. The tank is important because it’s the place where your e-liquid of choice is stored and heated up to vapour levels, allowing you to inhale the e-liquid as a gas form. The tank works in conjunction with the battery, so it’s important to have enough power. The third and final element to your vaping device is the coil, which is what actually heats the e-liquid up. The coil heats up the vape juice, but most have a life of around two weeks, so it’s important to remember to change it regularly.

    So those are the parts of your e-cigarette. While your knowledge may not be as impressive as that of veterans, the knowledge you gain here will be enough to start vaping safely and responsibly. Infinite Vapour stocks all the tools you’ll need to get started, with a wide range of vaping kits and e-liquids, to ensure you get the best possible introduction to vaping.