Constantly evolving policies and regulations are a sign that vaping is both gathering attention and that the world is growing to accept its place within the smoking community at large. However, new policies aren’t always immediately a good thing, as evidenced by the Navy’s choice to ban vaping on board vessels. Is this the right choice?

>From the 14th of May, the Navy will be imposing the prohibition that ensures those on board are banned from having any type of electronic cigarette on board and in use, citing them as a threat to safety that has the potential to injure officers serving aboard vessels. In an official press release, the Navy has said that ‘This new policy is in response to continued reports of explosions of ENDS [electronic nicotine delivery devices] due to the overheating of lithium-ion batteries’, and that ‘Multiple sailors have suffered serious injuries from these devices, to include first- and second-degree burns and facial disfigurement’.

While it is true that the overuse or incorrect usage of vaping devices can overload and cause the battery to explode with violent consequences, there has been mixed thoughts on the ban. Some people would argue that sailors trying to wean off the number of cigarettes they smoke should be allowed to vape, but some feel that the Navy is actually making the best possible choice in the circumstances, as those serving aboard naval vessels will often be extremely busy and can’t afford to be hospitalised as a result of a malfunctioning vape device.

Perhaps this is the best choice for the Navy after all. The confined spaces below decks mean that an exploding vaping device could potentially injure multiple people, and explosions in a pressurised naval vessel like a submarine could be potentially serious and damage a vital part of the structure. If you’re going to be affected by this ban, and you need something of good quality when you’re not on active service, or you’re just looking for supplies, Infinite Vapour stocks a wide range of different vaping devices which are all well designed to keep you from harm, and all have instructions on how to operate the equipment safely, as well as a broad selection of e-liquids to go with your e-cigarettes.