When you’re trying to help people to appreciate the good that vaping can do, it’s always a smart idea to have a real-life example to refer to. Evidence which can be referenced and used as a demonstration of the potential that vaping has will always help to shore up your argument.

For that reason, we remain vigilant when looking for new ideas and studies which help to highlight moments when vaping has proven to be a force for good. A recent study which was conducted by a team from Washington University in the USA has helped to do just that, so we’re going to take a look at it in more detail.

Vaping – The Quitting Aid You Were Looking For?

Over in America, there’s been a team of people who have been working hard, and their results are very encouraging. Published in the journal entitled ‘Nicotine and Tobacco Research’, their findings have concluded that vaping is a big help for people who want to try and quit smoking altogether, and helps to prevent people from relapsing into smoking as well.

Their research looked at data for 25 – 44-year-olds, and it was taken from two different government surveys. They looked at the attempts people made to quit for 12 months between 2006 and 2016, and their ultimate aim was to try and find out if there was a connection between the popularity of vaping and the success people had in giving up smoking.

The results were very encouraging. They found that when vaping became popular, there was an increased number of attempts to quit, and a reduced number of instances where people went back to smoking conventional cigarettes as well.

What Impact Does This Have On Vaping?

Naturally, this is a fantastic study which has proven to yield some very pleasing results. Now there’s modern research to add to the many which vaping enthusiasts can draw on. Unfortunately, we do have to defend vaping a lot when it comes to the general population. Many people are highly critical of vaping, having had their views tainted by the media.

However, the steady supply of vaping studies that have been coming in over the past decade or so have proven that there is a lot of evidence to back up the idea that vaping can be an overwhelmingly positive habit. The more evidence that we have to determine that vaping is a good thing, the easier it becomes to try and disprove the misinformed or baseless objections.

Overall, we’re pleased to be able to report on this new study and hope that many more which cast a positive light on vaping continue to circulate. We know how good vaping is, and hope that others will come to see this in time as well. If you are looking for vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different kinds of vaping equipment available for you, including many different types of mods, kits and e-liquids.