As a company, we make it one of our top priorities to be able to develop new methods of helping you to find the vaping tools you require.

To that end, we work tirelessly. A lot of what we do is to make it so that you can have access to a range of different products and services from start to finish. One of those services which we’ve come up with is out chatbot, and we’re so proud of it. So we’re going to look into it, and tell you all about how it can help you.

So, What’s The Bot?

What we’ve managed to put together is a chatbot which helps us to connect with you and assist you in your shopping experience. You see, we know that people come onto Infinite Vapour and do like to browse, but at the same time many want to be directed to their desired product and to have a swift and efficient transaction.

That’s why we’ve introduced the chatbot into the site. When you click on it, it’ll automatically start to connect you to a member of our highly trained customer service team, and will then be able to provide you with assistance in the meantime.

Why Can A Chatbot Help You?

For those of you who aren’t entirely aware of the chatbot, allow us to be able to explain. A chatbot can help to deal with a lot of customers all at once, so you’ll have someone helping you at all times. For those who may be sceptical about a bot being your guide to the site, we would like to explain that the chatbot can learn and grow as time goes on. It has been designed to be a fast, capable and ever-evolving system, collecting data from interactions to help personalise and enhance your experience.

We’re delighted with the chatbot, and we’re confident that it will be able to help enhance your experience as a user. We’ve all seen chatbots at work before – many of them have provided fast and personalised customer service time and time again. We wanted someone who could be there from the moment you entered the site. It’s not an intrusive bot by any means – it’s designed to be available if you need it. There’s absolutely no obligation to interact with the bot, but it can be a big help to you if you do.

Overall, our new chatbot is live, active and ready to help people. It’s been our fond hope that we can provide customers with a smart and efficient experience. We always strive to give you the best, and we’ll work to make it happen. If you’re looking for an update on your vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour and our new chatbot can help. We have a range of different vaping kits, accessories and e-liquids available for you to consider. We have everything that you could need for a satisfying vaping experience, so please come and have a look.