We’re always in for the idea of vaping being turned into this force for good. There’s no doubt that vaping isn’t quite getting the positive reaction we’d like – more and more countries are turning their backs on it. However, perhaps this doesn’t always need to be the case.

There’s a couple of university students over in America who are pushing to try and make a change in their local area, and to do so they have enlisted the help of the school mascot.

Vaping Mascots?

We don’t have masses of vaping mascots, which is why it’s always worth taking a look at when someone decides that they want to create one. For example, the two students who live in Miami. Their mascot is a bird which has, traditionally, smoked a pipe. However, people are not especially fond of that image anymore, and they’ve called for a changed.

The updated suggestions to this rather interesting avian creature would have a vaping device in place of the pipe – specifically, a Juuling device. The two students in question have also worked to make sure that people know that there are no adverse effects to people who vape, and are doing their bit.

What Does This Mean?

This is, in case you hadn’t quite gathered, is spectacular news. Vaping is something which is being affected by the younger generation, and that is always pleasing. The more people who believe in the good elements of vaping before they can get their hands on a cigarette, the fewer people that wind up developing some addiction or detrimental health condition.

We’re always pleased when people attempt to bring vaping into the modern generation because it suggests that attitudes to the entire habit are changing. No longer are people growing up in willful ignorance of the dangers of smoking, and are instead looking towards a new solution. Hopefully, these two students will be able to make sure that the mascot is changed because it will mark a massive turning point in how people view vaping. Consider that a mascot will be used to represent the university or establishment for new students and visitors. When these visitors see that the mascot vapes instead of smokes, they’ll be able to know that this is an establishment which accepts vaping.

All in all, the attempt to make this change is wonderful, and we wish these young minds the very best in making a change happen. It is always lovely when people attempt to change the status quo for the better –  attitudes which were relevant years ago aren’t still the best nowadays. It is critical to move with the times and make sure that no matter what, you’re endeavouring to keep abreast of all current happenings. If you are looking for vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour will be able to help. We have a range of different vaping supplies, to make sure that you have your pick of mods, accessories, e-liquids and other items.