As well as your juice, it’s the batteries which ensure you get a great vaping experience. Make sure you take care of them in order that your device is used safely and your batteries stay charged for longer. Have a look at our Do’s and Don’ts for some care and maintenance tips.


a)      Use decent batteries – It is worth paying a bit extra to get the manufacturer’s recommended battery or one made by someone like Sony or Samsung. If you buy cheap batteries, then you’ll find they don’t last as long and they could be dangerous.

b)       Clean the battery and the connections regularly with a soft tissue or a wet wipe.

c)      Use the correct charger – Don’t be tempted to use another charger, like a phone charger for instance as this could be a fire risk.

d)      Turn the battery off when you’re not using the Vape in order to save the battery charge.

e)      Charge you battery when it has still got some charge in it. Batteries charge better with some charge, rather than starting from empty.

f)       Remember that some batteries require the first charge to be for a minimum of seven hours, this ensures its life span.


a)      Screw your battery too tightly into your clearomizer.

b)      Leave the batteries in direct sunlight or expose them to extreme heat or cold.

c)      Use damaged batteries.

d)      Allow liquid to seep into your batteries. Take care when you fill your e- cigarette clearomizer.

e)      Leave your Vape somewhere it will get knocked or bumped as this can damage the batteries.

f)       Charge overnight. To avoid a fire risk always be around when you are re-charging your batteries.

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