If you, or someone you know has tried giving up smoking using patches or gum and it hasn’t worked; why not try E- Cigarettes?

According to an Evidence Review carried out by Public Health, England, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. From 2016, e-cigarettes are to be licensed and regulated as an aid to stop smoking. That means they those which are authorised can officially be called a ‘quit smoking aid.’

Why does this make e-cigarettes less harmful? It’s because they don’t contain any tobacco. They do contain nicotine which is addictive, but less dangerous than tobacco. It is also easier to reduce your intake of nicotine over time by using delicious e-juices and cigarette liquids, such as fruit flavours and mint and menthols, amongst others.

If you want to quit smoking or someone close to you wants to give up, why not put an e-cigarette on your Christmas wish list, or buy one for someone else as a Christmas present?

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