• Christmas is coming up, and you may have someone in your life who is partial to vaping. This means that at one point or another, you may find yourself buying gifts for them. We’re going to be taking a look at the Joyetech CuAIO D22, which would make a really good Christmas present for pretty much anyone who’s looking to get started with vaping.

    The Design

    As per the usual, we’re going to start off by looking at the design of the model, and how it ranks regarding aesthetics. What we’ve got with the D22 is a relatively sleek vaping device which captures the look and feels of modern vape pens quite well. Available in a selection of different colours, the design and construction are all of a good quality, ensuring that your device will be in good condition for a long time. It feels like quite a durable device, which is always good for starter kits, especially when you consider that a lot of starter kits can be cheaply built and not of good quality. The kit has an adjustable airflow, which is not a feature that you see with starter sets, and allows for a lot of different vaping styles to be used.

    The Functionality

    Of course, a lot of people are going to be wondering exactly how well the kit performs about other starter sets, and whether or not it can be of any use to anyone as a vaping device. The device is capable of a good level of vapour production, and you do get a pretty high level of flavour when you use the device. This particular model is actually a mouth to lung vaping system, which means that it closely emulates regular smoking, so it is actually an excellent choice for people who are using vaping as a way to stop smoking, as the basic movements and gestures are the same, easing the transition from one method of smoking to the next. While you can’t alter the wattage or temperature, this is quite a good thing for beginners, as there’s less chance of either burning the coils or overloading your device and damaging it. When you consider that, this is quite a forgiving system for people to start off with.

    Overall, the D22 is a great starter kit which would be good for anyone when it comes to a Christmas present. This is a very forgiving starter kit for people who are looking to get into vaping, in part because it’s a very similar device to smoking when you consider the mouth to lung element. This is quite a simple device, but it handles well and allows you comfortable space to get used to the basic mechanics. Infinite Vapour have this within their range, as well as a wide selection of other kinds of vaping devices, e-liquids and accessories, ensuring that you have everything you need to vape with confidence and satisfaction.