With Christmas just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to consider looking into a new vaping device for someone special or even for yourself. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at the Stick M17, which is a new model in our store, to check if it does stand its own as being a reliable vaping device for you.

The Design

First things first. Let’s take a look at the design of the model, and see what it’s made of. What we’re looking at here is something which is quite similar to a lot of SMOK designs. It’s a 17.5mm body in diameter and sits at around 130mm in height. It’s slim, reasonably compact, and looks very modern, being much closer in shape to regular cigarettes. There’s one very sturdy button which controls it, and a good sized battery in place, which does offer a very extended vaping time and much more significant output than you might expect from such a small device. The coils inside of it have been designed to work at their best when inside this device, so you get something which hasn’t been altered to fit the mainstream designs, but instead, something which has had coils and battery fitted to provide the power and vaping experience.

The Performance

Now that we’ve covered the design of the model, it’s time to talk about what a lot of people are going to be wondering about. How well does it work as a vaping device? The straightforward design is something which may well have worried a lot of people, as the more basic devices have been known to be quite disappointing. However, a lot of people will be pleased to see that despite a slimmer and more simplistic design, the model still performs well. Anyone who’s used a SMOK device before know that they’re very good at getting a lot of out of an unsuspecting design, and this is no exception. There’s plenty of scope for an extended output at a reasonable capacity. You’ll get a good standard of vaping, with plenty of flavours and hit, and it’s perfect for when you want to vape with a little more discretion.

Overall, the SMOK Stick M17 is a well designed and highly efficient vaping device. It’s proof that you no longer need a bulky design to be an effective tool for vapers to use, and that modern technology has progressed to the point where a device can still be streamlined and highly efficient. The simple design is one which hides a powerful vaping tool, with special coils designed to maximise the efficiency and make sure that people using it get the experience they’re looking for. If you’re after this particular model of the vaping device for the Christmas season, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have this in stock, as well as a large selection of other vaping devices, e-liquids and accessories. There’s everything that you need to be able to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience every time.