Some of the eagle-eyed readers among you may well remember that we reviewed the Vaporesso Revenger recently. It was a capable device which did perform well, but it wasn’t enough for Vaporesso to just bask in the success of their equipment. Instead, they had to completely redo it and create a newer and better model, the Revenger X. We’re going to take a look at it, and see how it stacks up as a standalone ‘improvement’ over its predecessor.

The Design

So, let’s take a look at this new model. If you compare the two, you might get a slight sense of deja vu. The model is, for all intents and purposes, very similar to the original Revenger. It seems that Vaporesso stuck with a winning design when they created the X, so what’s the difference?

What you’ll notice on a close inspection is that the first firing and adjustment buttons have been phased out. They were big and bulky buttons, and they’ve been swapped for smaller and more responsive buttons, which is a common trend among sleek and new vaping devices. This makes the design a little more streamlined and less clunky, which is always appreciated. Furthermore, the OneTouch menu system which has been implemented means that it’s even easier to navigate the various features and functions which the X has to offer.

The Functionality

Of course, a new button system isn’t enough to warrant a whole new model, so a lot of people are understandably keen to see how the system performs. Regarding a mod, it’s a definite improvement upon the original. The menu system has been designed to make navigating from one option to another a much more comfortable task.

The system is complemented by touch sensitive buttons. These work by allowing you to navigate through the menus with ease, and it is so much easier to change modes now than it was previously. If you’ve ever had a Vaporesso product before, then you’ll know that swapping between modes used to be one of the most challenging elements of the mod. Thankfully this issue has been corrected, which makes for an overall much more efficient design and navigation. The entire device is thankfully a more functional device than it’s predecessor, which is what a lot of people were worried about.

Overall, the Revenger X is a souped-up and high powered version of the Revenger and is something which everyone should check out if they get the chance. There’s a definite air of improvement with this model, from the more modern button design through to the much more user-friendly models. Vaporesso has definitely managed to take the few flaws which existed with their original product, and get rid of them entirely. The Revenger X is a model which Infinite Vapour does have in its store, and is one which anyone would enjoy using. As well as this, we have a plentiful selection of various kits, e-liquids and accessories for you to choose from, ensuring that you have everything you need to continue having a satisfying vaping experience.