Banning Won’t Help, We Need Regulation – One Vape Providers Opinion

It seems like every day we are facing increasing calls from the public, government officials, and concerned groups to crack down on vaping entirely. Some people want most of the vaping industry to be outright banned, including flavoured products.

As longtime providers of vaping products, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to reflect on the current situation, and we feel that banning products will not help the situation. Instead, what we believe needs to happen is a complete overhaul of regulations surrounding vaping. Let’s talk a little bit about what we mean and some of our suggestions.

Banning Products Will Kill the Industry 

The problem with setting out to ban certain types of products outright is that you risk destroying the industry completely. We love vaping, and we are always happy to sell products to people who are in a position to buy them, but a lot of our products, like most providers, contain flavoured products. It’s part of the appeal of vaping, and banning it would be more harmful than good. 

If you removed all the flavoured products, you would put some companies out of business entirely, and you wouldn’t massively damage other providers like ours. It’s not that we think there should be no rules and regulations regarding flavoured products, but vaping does good; it always has done good, and banning it and crippling the industry would be problematic for a lot of people who have managed to quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes.

Tougher Regulations 

The solution to the current epidemic of inappropriate vape use comes from tougher regulations. Ultimately, we need to crack down on both the general public and people selling the products. Shopkeepers and businesses should be the first port of call for anybody looking to make a change.  

More severe punishments and penalties for people who are selling products to underage users should be instated right away. Nobody will sell to underage users if they risk a £1000 fine if they’ve been caught.

 However, we also need to get really tough on people who are supplying these products to underage users. People who buy e-cigarettes for teenagers or family members who do it to bypass the rules should be exposed to even criminal charges. If you make it a crime to sell products like this and actually take the time to enforce these punishments, then you create a deterrent for the general public.

Final Thoughts  

We appreciate that this is a nuanced problem, and just putting harsher regulations in place isn’t going to immediately solve the problem, but we have to say that we don’t agree with the idea of banning certain products or flavours. Doing so would cripple the lifeblood of the industry and cancel out a lot of the good that we can do for people who want to quit smoking.  

Infinite Vapour is dedicated to helping people quit smoking, for example, and we sell a lot of great products, but we also acknowledge there’s going to have to be some change if the industry is going to thrive.