Understanding Ohms – A Quick Guide For New Vapers

 Not all vaping terms are easy to understand at first. You may be surprised to know that vaping can get quite technical, making it hard to understand what something like an ohm is, for example. We’re committed to delivering a great vape experience, but we know this means giving you a few lessons along the way.

With this in mind, we will examine what an ohm is and how it affects your experience. It’s important to know what to expect from vapes, so let’s get into it together.

What is an Ohm?

So, let’s start with a quick definition of what an ohm is and how it is crucial. An ohm is a unit of measurement, and we use it to measure electrical resistance. It was named after a German physicist called Georg Simon Ohm.

 Alright, here’s where it gets scientific. When we talk about resistance, we refer to the amount of opposition present to an electrical current and how it flows. We measure this in ohms. So, inside an electronic vapouriser – a vape device – resistance is all about opposing the current passing through the coil.

 The coils you find inside your tank are made of a metal wire, and this helps to hold the wicking material. When electricity passes through your coil, it heats the liquid inside the wicking material and makes the vapour you inhale. The resistance of your coil will change how much power you need to heat it.

Do You Want Low or High Ohms?

 The resistance of your coil can vary quite a lot between different options – some coils can go down to 0.1 ohms, with others going as high as 3.0 or more. Generally, we call a coil with low resistance a “sub-ohm” coil. This is anything with a resistance of under 1.0. Contrastingly, those coils with a resistance of more than 1.0, known as a “regular” coil, appear more frequently.

 Experienced users generally prefer to go for sub-ohm coils if they want to get a large cloud and a lot of flavours. These take more power to heat the liquid, and the vapour you get is, therefore, hotter and denser. If you’re new to vaping, however, we suggest a “regular” coil – one above 1.0 of resistance. This is best for people after a cigarette-style experience, and they’re often a lot milder.

Final Thoughts

 So, as we can see, knowing which Ohm is suitable for you is vital because it can affect your vape experience. You’ll need to pick the right coil but don’t be afraid to transition slowly. You may find that sub-ohm vaping is much more appealing for people who like to experiment.

 Infinite Vapour has a range of different kits and mods, and we are happy to help you experiment to find what works for you. We try to give you a broad selection, which means you’re free to look at what’s on offer and see for yourself what you can get.