What’s the Difference Between Smoke and E-Cig Vapour?

If you’re new to the concept of vaping, then you’ve probably not had a lot of time to learn about the science behind e-cigs – but you’ve probably experienced the benefits in some way. However, a pretty common question for new vapers is this – what is the difference between cigarette smoke and vape smoke?

It’s a fair question, and you’re entitled to an answer. The first thing you should know is that vape smoke isn’t really smoke at all – it’s vapour. There’s a big difference between the two, and we’re going to take a look at it so you know how it all works.

Understanding the Difference Between Cigarette Smoke and Vapes

So, let’s kick this off by taking a look at the difference between cigarette smoke and vape smoke. The two things are radically different due to how they’re created.

When smoking a cigarette, you’re making smoke via the process of combustion. By burning the cigarette with your lighter and smoking it like that, you’re changing the chemical composition of the cigarette itself. The smoke that you see is visible carbon and other chemical particles that have been created. Unfortunately, most of these substances are toxic to the human body.

Vaping is a little bit different. When you vapourise a substance like e-liquids, which is what you’re doing when you vape, you alter it. However, unlike normal smoke, the stuff that comes from e-liquids will be the same in both liquid and gas forms. Technically, you’re making what’s called an aerosol – liquid particles suspended in the air for a bit, which then fall harmlessly to the ground. They don’t have any harmful chemicals in them because aside from the presence of nicotine, there’s nothing in e-liquids that’s bad for you.

Why is Vapour Better?

Vapour is better for you for a few different reasons. Let’s take a quick look at them together:

  • Vapour doesn’t linger in the air. Cigarette smoke will stick around for a long time, putting people at risk. When the liquid particles in vapour fall to the floor, they’re no longer a concern for anyone.
  • Cigarette smoke contains a lot of harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and tar. Vapour has nothing harmful in it, as the only vaguely controversial ingredient is nicotine, and that’s absorbed by the body before you exhale any vapour.
  • Vapour smells a lot nicer. People may object to the wide range of flavours that e-liquids come in, but most agree that it’s preferable to the disgusting smell of cigarette smoke.Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when it comes to things like vapour against cigarette smoke, it’s easy to see why one is wildly preferable to the other. Cigarette smoke is harmful and obnoxious to be around and lingers for far too long. In contrast, the vapour from an e-cig is harmless and dissipates quickly.

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