Ok, excuse the play on words, but we have been having a look at why people love vaping, and why more and more people are choosing to switch from smoking to vaping.  We have actually found many reasons, but here is a look at the top three!

1 – Vaping is Better for Health

It might be an obvious one, but it is such a massively positive reason it has to hit the charts at number one.  Various articles have been published evidence as to why e-cigarettes are better for health that their traditional nicotine based counterparts – for example in The Guardian we can see the findings from Public Health England.  The general opinion is that vaping holds a distinctly lower risk of contracting some of the big nasty diseases believed to stem from cigarette smoking.

2 – Socially More Acceptable

Lots of people really object to people smoking in their space, and for many different reasons.  Smoke from cigarettes can create passive smoking health issues, many people do not like the smell, those with breathing problems find it irritates their conditions and for others it is just considered really rude to subject a non-smoker to cigarette smoke.  There is an element of this with vaping however, generally most people are less offended by second hand vape clouds.  It can actually offer a pleasant smelling alternative to a city street!  Standing a bus stop for example someone who doesn’t smoke may not even think twice about someone nearby vaping.  Again from a health point of view it gives people less concern if they breathe in vape residue, so it is a good win.

3 – It Offers the Big Three

Smokers generally find that they need three things to break the smoking habit:
Something to do with their hands
The hit of inhalation
The smoke coming out

With vaping as an alternative you still get all three.  Nicotine patches and gum certainly cannot offer all these things.  So, vaping ranks highly.  Many smokers believe they can trick the brain into thinking they are still smoking and therefore breaking the habit and improving health becomes easier than never smoking in any form ever again.

What do you feel makes vaping so popular?  We would love to hear your opinions, so let us know and we will feature them on our social media channels!