We are all well aware that vaping is always a controversial subject, just as smoking cigarettes has been for decades.  It comes as no surprise that extremists from both sides of the argument want to shout loudest to try and make people side with them. Seemingly whether they are right or indeed talking rubbish!

This week has been another loud news week as the media continues to debate the use of vape pens instead of cigarettes, and win their own personal arguments, depending on whether they believe vaping to be a useful stop smoking tool and safe recreational hobby, or indeed that vape e cigs are actually closer to being the spawn of the devil.

One story that caught our eye came from the BBC and you can have a read here.  Dr Phil Banfield, chairman of the British Medical Association’s (BMA) Welsh council has been making a lot of noise, using a particularly emotive consumer sector – expectant mothers.  He has brought into play what many consider to be underhand scaremongering tactics by suggesting that vaping whilst pregnant could trigger such effects as seen by the morning sickness drug Thalidomide, which many will remember as a drug prescribed in the 50/60’s for morning sickness and sadly caused birth deformities.  This is a massively controversial claim that was bound to get him noticed – and some have said a completely irresponsible stance to take.

Unsurprisingly, with very little in the way of evidence to back up his claims he has been challenged by other industry professionals, both from the medical profession and the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, with one member calling his claims ‘alarmist nonsense’

We really haven’t seen any compelling evidence to suggest that vaping when pregnant causes issues, but our opinion is the choice falls to the mother.  Historically pregnant women have continued to smoke cigarettes despite the genuine health concerns expressed by doctors, which kind of proves people generally do what they believe anyway.

It seems a shame that people have to be so extremist with their views unless they are also bringing irrefutable concrete evidence to support their standpoint but keeping calm and having a read of genuine evidence should reassure people.   We certainly intend to keep vaping!  Remember that we stock a large range of many leading brands including Kangertech and Joyetech and postage is free on orders over £9 – bargain!