Have you even thought about it?  For most of you the issue of whether your home city or town is vape friendly probably hasn’t even crossed your mind.  Unless you have been challenged or moaned at by a shop keeper or someone in the street, vaping is seen as a passive hobby.  It seems to be widely accepted that ecigarette smoke doesn’t create health issues, so most people don’t tend to bat an eyelid if they walk through a cloud of smoke on a busy street.  A non-vape friend actually remarked how delicious my cherry vape smelt the other day!

But what about in close proximity and in confined spaces?  Most of us that vape follow the same rules as the cigarette smokers.  We don’t vape at our desks, inside shops and public buildings etc.  That is generally accepted as good vaping etiquette. Small offices may have different rules that allow it, but for most of us it is not socially acceptable.

A local councillor in Bradford has hit the news recently by tabling a motion to allow vaping in offices and public buildings.  As one might expect the other councillors voted against him, citing unproven safety and working atmosphere for other workers and members of the public.  You can read one report of his proposal here.

Unsurprisingly this has now sparked a debate.  We know that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking, but does that mean vaping folk should have carte blanche to vape anywhere, anytime?

It seems both the vaping and none vaping community are divided on this one.  Some of those who do vape feel that personally they have no right to inflict clouds of vaping fog on their colleagues, whilst other consider that the right to choose where they vape should be entirely theirs.  Speaking to those who do not vape the consensus seems to be the same. Some people don’t mind if people are vaping in their space whilst others really do object.

A fellow counsellor speaking against the motion said that due consideration was owed to people who have breathing and lung issues, and raised the issue that a myriad of different vaping flavours could potentially lead to a rather noxious smelling office that would spoil things for everyone.

What is your view?  Let us know and we will feature some of the views on our Facebook and Twitter pages from Wednesday onwards.  Meanwhile remember if you need more vaping supplies we are a leading seller of Kangertech and Joyetech, so pop on over and have a look.