We already knew that many people turned to vaping as a way to stop smoking. It is an undisputed fact that the nicotine and tar found in tradition tobacco based products are the nasties that can cause cancer and other smoking related diseases. E-cigarettes don’t have these carcinogens, but offer an alternative for those not wishing to quit cold turkey.

In the last month this knowledge has been confirmed and lauded by the British Medical Journal – one of the leading and most respected publications for doctors and those in the medical profession. The article published in the journal contained the findings from a study carried out by researchers from University College London, working together with Cancer Research UK, and used data collected during 2006 – 2015 from the Smoking Toolkit Study and the NHS Stop Smoking Service.

The conclusion showed that over 18,000 people have used vaping to help them quit smoking, and that at the beginning of the study barely anyone was using electronic cigarettes to help them quit, but by 2015 (and the end of the survey), over 35% of those questioned were using vaping to support a smoking cessation effort. With this publication carrying such kudos we are certain to see more GP’s suggesting vaping as the best means to quitting smoking.

Another interesting fact discovered was that e-cigarettes such as those brought to market by Joyetech, replaced both nicotine patches and gum for those seeking to stop smoking. What is significant about this is the fact that both patches and gum can be obtained on prescription for a reduced cost, but vaping products are still not widely available on the NHS. This means that people are choosing to pay for e-cigs because they are becoming more aware of the success rates when compared to the more traditional NHS funded options.

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