This weekend several major newspapers carried stories regarding e-cigarettes exploding and causing injuries to the users. One example from Sky News, is claiming that incidents are actually on the increase. Casualties of such injuries are left needing medical treatment, and yes the burns can be quite significant – certainly not something you would want to happen. Understandably this is making people angry and anxious.

However, before the media whips up a storm and starts demanding we all stop using our favourite vaping products, let us offer you some reassurance. In the majority of cases the ‘exploding’ units are found to be cheap imitation knock offs, mass produced without correct care and consideration in places such as China and Japan. This is not to say all product from such places will give you trouble, far from it. A lot of well made equipment does come from there.

However,there are a few things you can do to ensure you are not likely to suffer from this terrible fate yourself.

Firstly you need to buy names with a good reputation – One of the reasons we stock brands such as Joyetech and Kangertech is because we know they are well made and safety is important to these manufacturers. Yes, you may see one of the knock off vapes a lot cheaper, but that is where you open yourself up to risk. People think that by saving a few quid they are getting a better deal and perhaps even one over on more reputable companies. This is so not the case. It is far better to buy something that costs a but more, but that you know to be better quality than risk your health with a product that could explode.

We have our own reputation to maintain so we are careful what we stock for that very reason, and in turn, these respected companies want to ensure they are only producing good quality gear too, as they don’t want to be associated with bad things happening.

Finally in order to protect yourself you should ensure you charge batteries correctly and abide by any safety warnings that the manufacturer may include with the item.

By heeding this advice you are making sure you protect yourself from any nasty accidents. Do have a look at our warranty page for more information on the safety aspects, then keep calm and keep vaping!