Vaping in Other Countries – Respect the Rules, Avoid Prison  

When it comes to going on holiday with your vaping device, there’s a couple of different rules that you should keep in mind. It’s not just a case that you can get on a plane and go anywhere you like with your device and have a good time, there are laws and rules in other countries that need to be followed if you want to stay out of prison.

 Thankfully, it’s not particularly difficult to work out what to do for the best, and we’re going to give you a quick refresher course, because many people will be taking the first holiday that they’ve taken in a long time. Let’s check out what you need to know.

Research Beforehand

The best thing that you can do when it comes to things like going abroad with your devices is to do some research beforehand. There are some countries which outright ban or vape products, but there are others where it’s not necessarily illegal, but there are definitely rules for public smoking. It’s important to acknowledge these rules and make sure that you follow them to the latter, because ignorance will not be an adequate defence if you encounter issues.

 Considering that the rules around vaping vary substantially from one place to the next, and you can be punished according to the laws of the country that you visit, proper investigation and research is heavily recommended. It’s important to remember that, even though you are just visiting a country, while you are within their borders, you are subject to the same laws and rules that the normal citizen would be. Therefore, you can be put into prison or put on trial depending on the severity of the crime, and punished according to the justice system of that country. Relying on legal intervention from the UK is not recommended.

Why is Vaping Banned?

 It’s always interesting to come across vaping being banned in other countries, because most people don’t know why this is the case.

 In some countries, vaping is banned because there is a booming tobacco trade that doesn’t particularly like being challenged. In other cases, scientists have decided that vaping is harmful to public health. The exact reasoning for why electronic cigarettes are banned can vary from one place to the next, but if it is banned, there is no room for negotiation.

Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to going abroad, there are a couple of different things that you should keep in mind. Vaping is not always allowed, which is perfectly understandable, considering that every country is entitled to their own opinion, but you need to make sure that you respect the rules and regulations of the country that you visit. Do plenty of research beforehand, because you do not want to be arrested or aggravated by the local authorities.

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