Vaping – Harmful Hazard or Safe Alternative?

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the dangers of vaping, and unfortunately, something like that will attract attention. Shock headlines are too familiar among news outlets, especially regarding vaping, due to the inherent bias against the industry. 

However, is there any truth to the matter? We thought we’d discuss this a little because, truthfully, we don’t think there’s any problem. However, we recognise that the situation is a little more nuanced than just “vaping good”, so let’s check it out.

Waking Up to Health Hazards

 It’s not an exaggeration to say that in the last few years, we’ve woken up as a society to health hazards. COVID-19 forever changed the landscape of public health because it is an illness that has claimed the lives of many, and we had little-to-no general prevention in place for a long time. However, one of the significant changes that the virus brought about was a renewed focus on public health and anything to do with the respiratory system.

 Vaping and smoking both got similar treatments in that sense – a battery of studies and sensationalist articles designed to shock and scare. The only difference between the two is that we’ve known about the problems of smoking for years now. Vaping, however, isn’t quite as toxic. 

User Error or Product Issue? 

When it comes to vaping, the nuances of the product begin to make the issue a little more complex than slamming or endorsing e-cigs.  

The products which we find inside e-liquids exist in products we consume in other places all the time. They’re in our food, health products, etc. – but people seem to forget this fact conveniently.  

Something else which needs to be considered is how people use their products. If you smoke an e-cig for hours every day, seven days a week, then yes, you’re probably likely to do something damaging to your health. However, this is the same logic as if you drank bottles of alcohol every day. You’ll do damage to your health when you consume anything in excess.

We, like most vaping supporters, promote moderation for our products. We recognise that people need to find a rhythm to their habits, and if you smoke your device 24/7, you’ll have problems. However, that isn’t inherently our fault or an issue of the device – it wasn’t built to be used like that. 

Final Thoughts 

So ultimately, when it comes to vaping, there is quite a bit to think about. It’s not just a case of blasting it up and down the media. There’s more nuance in the industry than that, and to be honest, we’re not happy with the way it’s being handled. Infinite Vapour sells a range of kits, mods, devices and accessories, and we value our reputation as a reliable provider. We firmly believe that when it comes to vaping, it’s not the device’s fault but a culture that treats it like a game when it’s not. Vaping is neither candy nor a joke – and if people continue to treat it like so, it will cause issues.