Vaping – Coil Maintenance 101

We frequently get asked how to clean up and sort out a coil as vaping experts. The coil is a pretty important part of your e-cig, but the process required to clean it is a little more complicated than you’d think. Let’s take a look at basic coil maintenance 101, and give newcomers a proper introduction to taking care of their kit

Coil Cleaning – Wiping It Clean

A lot of vapers who want to make sure that their e-cig experience is a good one go for a basic cleaning like a q-tip or a cotton bud. Something like that would be perfect – nothing too hard or abrasive, however. 

The thing about coils that are used to vape e-liquids which are high in VG can build up a level of gunk pretty quickly; this residue can build up faster if the e-liquid contains a lot of sugar, which most fruit-based offerings do. Exposure to heat can caramelise the juice. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long to clean off the residue that might have built up during the day. It’ll take a few minutes to clean it off, but that will be well worth it because the finished result cleans the coil properly. 

You should make cleaning the coil a core part of the vaping routine, and if you do try to switch flavours a lot, then taking the time to clean the coil and tank are two things you need to do. 

Coil Cleaning – Soaking your Coils 

If you want to clean your coils and get a deep clean going, you’ll want to soak them. 

You can do this in a couple of different ways. First, you’ve got access to clear alcohol such as ethanol or vodka; alternatively, you’ve got warm water as a good standard.

 If you want to do this, soak the coil overnight. It’ll help to break up a lot of the residue which tends to build up on them and help you get inside the many nooks and crannies. This deep clean is an excellent way to sort out any coil you’ve had for a while. If you’re in a big hurry, you’ll want to soak them for two hours – it’ll do the trick highly effectively.

 If you do use alcohol, you should stick to vodka because it is (typically) the cheapest spirit and also the most accessible. Furthermore, other types of alcohol tend to smell a little if you leave them lying around in the open for too long.

 Plus, it will not leave behind a funny smell in your space if you leave it out in the open for a few hours.

 If you’re going to soak your coils, keep in mind that if you soak an atomiser with the wick still attached (an easy thing to do by mistake), then you risk making the wick useless for future usage.

Final Thoughts

 As a final important tip, rinse off coils that you’ve soaked in alcohol before you dry them out. Aside from that, however, it is pretty easy to get on with cleaning your coils.

 Alternatively, if you’re going just to replace the coil, Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of kits, mods, accessories, coils and e-liquids. There’s something in the range for everyone.