Stoptober 2022 – Are You Ready?

One of the biggest vaping events of the year is coming up. Stoptober is an event that takes place through October – it is where people try and quit smoking for good and make a positive change in their lives. For a lot of folks, that means giving vaping a go.  

With public vaping levels at a record high (and the NHS officially recommending e-cigs), there’s never been a better year to quit smoking for good. We want to see big results this year, so let’s talk about what you can do to prepare for the event.

Step #1 – Get Stocked Up  

The first thing that you’re going to want to do if you’ll be participating in Stoptober is to get stocked up on vape supplies. That’s right; you’re far more likely to quit with some help – going cold turkey on what is (probably) a nicotine addiction is an easy way to relapse halfway through the month.

For that reason, you’ll want to come and take a look at what people like us have in stock. Ideally, you should get a reliable starter device and enough e-liquids to last you a month. At the very least, get the starter kit – it will come with a few e-liquid samples so you can see what flavours you like!

Step #2 – Build Your Support Network 

If you’re going to quit vaping, you need a support network.

 The path to quitting is lonely. You’ll want to pick up a normal cigarette more than once in the first week or two. You can fight the worst of these cravings with your new e-cig, but a support network makes all the difference. 

Tell your family and friends that you want to quit smoking. Explain to them that you’ll be using a vape device, and make sure that they understand there are no harmful chemicals in the e-liquids. When you’ve got a support network, this will get easier.

Step #3 – Good Luck!  

We want to wish everyone who tries to quit smoking this year the very best of luck. We know that it can be hard to put the cigarettes down and find a better way – a lot of us were in your position once.  

However, we did it, and you can too! You’re stronger than you think, and with the right tools in place, you’ll be okay. Once you’ve been vaping for a month or so, you’ll see the benefits to your health, your wallet and your life, and you won’t want to go back.

Final Thoughts  

Stoptober could be an amazing thing if we all work together, and that is a big thought that we’re all sharing. Trying to quit normal cigarettes is so important, and it’ll help a lot, which is why it can be vital to get the right resources. 

Infinite Vapour has a range of products for you to take a look at, boasting a range of kits, mods, devices, e-liquids and accessories. There’s everything you could need to get the best results, so take a look at what’s on offer.