Vaping can get a bad name sometimes. Whether it is by concerned medical professionals who refuse to listen to the various studies which are going on, or it is just people who are uninformed about vaping, it’s easy to find the negative opinions about the device if you dig into the internet a little. However, a new false advertisement has surfaced which may well drag vaping into a terrible light, and it’s all just one big joke.

So, what’s been going on?

Parents around the UK and possibly even beyond were outraged and horrified to discover that an advertisement for vaping devices for babies was suddenly released onto the internet. Social media channels everywhere became flooded with all kinds of reactions, ranging from the mildly annoyed to the furious. However, in the midst of all of the anger and complaining, it has emerged that the advertisement isn’t real at all, it’s just a meme.

Is it not a real campaign?

The picture is of a baby holding a very obviously fake vaping device, which has been designed to be a toy version of what vapers use. The image is a meme, which is just a picture which is intended to be funny and more often than not generates a laugh at the expense of an individual or a minority. In this case, it has damaged the reputation of the vaping community.

As a lot of people within the vaping community will tell you, we do not sell to minors. At all, ever. Anyone who buys a vape in brick and mortar store is asked for proof of identification if they look underage, and nearly all vaping sites require you to make a conscious decision to click a button which confirms you are of legal age to buy and use a vaping device. People who sell vaping devices and vaping accessories will take every effort to ensure that individuals who are underage can not buy these products because there can be nicotine inside the e-liquids.

While the creator of the meme has stated that it was designed as a way to make people realise that fake news is abundant, many feel that this was a very controversial way to try and educate people, and may well have damaged the community as a whole. The fact that a baby was chosen as the way to speak out about fake news has painted the vaping community in a bad light, as there will be a lot of parents who won’t be aware of the real message of the image.

Overall, the image of the baby vaping was designed with the best of intentions, but was sadly taken at face value as was expected, and has damaged the reputation of the vaping community. We would like to take this moment to reaffirm our commitment to making sure that underage children do not get access to our vaping products, and that anyone who sells vaping products will tell you that selling to minors is not something we support or do. If you’re of the legal age for these kinds of things, then, by all means, come to Infinite Vapour and check out our range of supplies, but those who are underage should stay away.