Vaping is becoming more and more of an accepted practise every day. People are switching to vaping in an attempt to quit smoking or as only just a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. However, with an increase in smoking does come an increase in the amount of electronic cigarette vapour which is present. This, of course, presents cause for people to worry about the effects of inhaling this smoke. Is second-hand gas dangerous?

So what’s actually in second-hand smoke?

To understand if the second-hand vapour is dangerous for people to inhale, we need to figure out what’s in it first. The problem which arose with second-hand smoke is largely what causes suspicion and concern among people today. The issue was that the harmful chemicals, such as the carbon monoxide, were all still present within the smoke that was exhaled out when someone was smoking. That meant that anyone who absorbed these chemicals would be at risk of all the diseases which come with them, whether it is first hand or second-hand smoke.

However, the fundamental difference between this substance and an e-liquid is that there are no harmful chemicals in it like tar or carbon monoxide, to begin with. This means that even before you’re inhaling the e-liquid at all, you’re exposing yourself to something which is much less harmful to the human system. What you find is that instead of releasing toxic substances within the second-hand smoke, what e-cigarettes create is a water vapour that contains propylene glycol.This is the same substance used to make smoke for props in theatre and is harmless for people to inhale. There is no definitive proof which has linked vaping devices to having any adverse effects on the human body when you inhale second-hand vapour, so the risks are limited, and perhaps even negligible.

This is good for the vaping community, yes?

As news, this is extremely encouraging for the vaping community because it helps to break an ancient concern about smoke from a vaping device and instead contributes to reassure people that there is no danger when it comes to using a vaping device from the perspective of someone who inhales second-hand smoke. People are swift to deal out judgement upon vaping, seeing it as being somehow wrong and something to be shamed. This proof that vaping is not something which is harmful to people who take it in second hand will help to improve the image of vaping that little bit more.

Overall, vaping is not harmful to you, and therefore you should not be worried about it. There are no toxic chemicals inside the vapour which smokers release, so you can be exposed to it and not have to worry about any harmful chemicals becoming an issue. Infinite Vapour stocks a wide range of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, and we are sure that there is something in our range for everyone to enjoy.