Vaping and COVID-19 – The Facts

There’s been quite a bit of debate since the beginning of the pandemic as to whether things like smoking affect a person’s chance of catching the coronavirus. Understandably, a lot of regular smokers and capers have been concerned, and some groups have used the illness to discredit vaping as a whole.

However, we’re pretty far into the pandemic now, and we figured it was time we talked a little bit about how the pandemic works, and whether or not you’re at risk from COVID-19 if you vape.

The short answer?

You’re not.

How Does Vaping Connect to COVID-19?

 So, why does vaping even tie to COVID-19 at all? One is a serious illness, the other is a popular cessation tool for smokers of conventional cigarettes. Surely there isn’t a connection between the two, right?

At the beginning of the pandemic, no one was really sure how or even why COVID was so transmissible. It was a vicious illness that killed a lot of people quickly, and that’s always a frightening prospect. Misinformation began to crop up all over the place, and vaping was put squarely in the crosshairs of people who didn’t like it to start with.

Their argument was that as COVID-19 is a disease which attacks the respiratory system, that meant anyone who smoked anything was at risk. As a premise, it may have merit, but thanks to a recent study, it doesn’t have any ground anymore.

The Study to Back up Vaping

 The study in question was conducted by the Mayo Clinic and published in 2021, aiming to identify if vaping would lead to an increased likelihood of contracting COVID-19.

Thankfully, vaping remains in the clear thanks to the study. The conclusions drawn were that “current or former e-cigarette use was not associated with COVID-19 diagnosis”, and that “current, but not former, smokers were less likely to have a COVID-19 diagnosis compared to never smokers.”

So, not only are people who vape not more likely to get COVID-19, they’re actually less likely to have a diagnosis if they smoke currently. Now, we’re not at all suggesting that vaping is the solution to COVID-19, because it isn’t. However, we do take it as valuable information which helps to clear vaping’s good name – it’s going to be harder for those who don’t like it to say it’s the cause of problems now.

Final Thoughts

So, ultimately, when it comes to vaping and COVID-19, we are pleased to report that there is no discernible danger to worry about. You’re absolutely free to keep enjoying all of the different options which exist for your vape experience, and e-cigs remain as viable as ever. We’ve worked hard to make sure that you’ve got access to a broad selection of offerings, because we know how important it can be for you to get exactly what you need. Infinite Vapour has all of the kits, mods, accessories, liquids and tools you’ll need to enjoy your vaping.