Official NICE Recommendation Boosts Vaping Appeal

Vaping is always one of those topics which enjoy polarised opinions. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the e-cig or a staunch opponent, there’s usually a spirited debate when the topic comes up in conversation.

However, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, known to some as NICE, has recently given vaping some big brownie points by recommending that GP’s prescribe them to smokers as part of plans to quit.

The decision has undoubtedly sparked considerable debate, but the bottom line is that this is good for e-cigs, and we’ll be looking at why.

Championing E-Cigs

The e-cig is all the rage at the moment, as Public Health England has published a report which says that people who quit smoking are most likely to do so with vaping, and the NHS recommends it as a cessation tool.

The current draft guidance from NICE works as follows. Their official recommendation is that GP’s talk about how people can use e-cigs to quit smoking, especially when patients come in presenting with symptoms that are typical of cigarette abuse.

Encouraging the Community

If you’re interested in taking a look at the impacts this will have on the community, then here is the right place to look.

It is understandable to be concerned as to how this will impact the community in the future. Generally speaking, any commendation is a good one. Vaping does have its fair share of critics, sadly, so having groups and authorities who are prepared to defend it – recommended institutions like Public Health England and the NHS no less – is always going to help with public opinion.

For businesses like ours, it gives us even more scope to continue providing people with the tools that they need to enjoy a successful vaping habit. It can be understandably challenging to get the best supplies and resources to generate the best experience, but we endeavour to give people what they need.

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Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to the court of public opinion, vaping does well when backed up by official institutions. We’ve all seen a rise in the popularity of vaping when the NHS, PHE are recommending it, and now NICE are supporting it too. We can only hope that more organisations and authorities throw their hat into the ring and start to help. These guidelines will see vaping get introduced at the local level, recommended by GP’s. We’ll be more than happy to help you figure out precisely what it is that you need. Infinite Vapour has a broad selection of products, including kits, mods, accessories, and e-liquids, so you can get the experience that works for you.