Traditionally, vaping and smoking were grouped together with regards to regulations and rules, much to the ire of the community. Vaping at its core is a different practice from smoking, with the only similarity being how the two deliver their substances into the system. However, recent re-categorisation of vaping may well have led to a change, as some places have begun to accept vaping as being slightly safer. Perhaps that’s why it’s been allowed into one particular place where smoking has not. To try and understand, we’re going to be taking a look at just what’s changed, where, and whether it’s a good thing.

New Developments In Correctional Facilities? 

To understand what’s happened, you have to first take a glimpse at the world of the prison before changes were made. Smoking was banned among any inmates. Considering that around 80% of all people admitted to prison do in fact smoke, this caused a massive uproar. Faced with increasing levels of violence against guards, and an atmosphere of unrest and discontentment brewing, people sought to find a solution. And it seems that one was perhaps found.

Introducing a test period in Wales. The prisons there allowed inmates to buy vaping devices, marking a clear difference between e-cigarettes and normal ones. This change led to an increased level of compliance among inmates. They could satisfy what was sometimes an addiction in a safe way. The refills on vaping devices have actually become, in keeping with prison culture, a pseudo currency which people can use to gain other things.

What Does This Mean? 

The subtle implications of this decision are huge. In the past, smoking was banned because the smoke represented a danger to both people admitted to prisons and also to staff. The fact that vaping has been allowed into these locations is a massive step forward. It represents what we’ve been striving for all this time – a difference between vaping and smoking. They’re not the same thing and most people know that, but allowing them into prison is a massive step up. It shows that major organisations are starting to recognise the difference, and this is potentially a really big step in the right direction.

Overall, the use of vaping devices in prison is certainly cause for celebration, and it’s obvious that we’re starting to make the progress that has been so coveted for so long. The distinction between vaping and smoking is a long time coming, and people have been pushing for it over a period of so many years. It’s no secret that we want to see vaping stand on its own, and things like this help to show that we should stand on our own. If you’re looking for vaping supplies and need to get some more, Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different vaping options for you to choose from, ranging from a supply of vaping devices, mods, accessories and e-liquids. There’s everything that you could need to have a satisfying vaping experience.